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red rose

We recently received a beautiful letter from F.M., an 80+ year old man who attended our one-day Opening the Heart to Grief at Avow Hospice in Naples, Florida.

F.M. lost his wife of fifty years in June 2011, and, in moving through the deep grief at her passing, he also began to have flashbacks to a cluster of deaths, including that of his brother, that occurred in his close family when he was a young teenager.

F.M. writes:

.....every time I tried to relate to my brother J's death I could not speak without a total breakdown. This on top of the grief at my wife's passing that left me with a tremendous guilt as I felt that there was much more I could have done for her. I felt this guilt even after being a care-giver for the past ten years.

I signed up for this seminar not knowing what to expect - only thing I was sure of was that I knew I had a deep hurt and a wounded heart. We all made a promise not to relate what happens (to others) during the day, but we can tell of our own experiences. To cut to the chase, I went in a wounded soul and came out of the day with a heart that was on its way to become vibrant and alive. I can speak freely about my brother's death without reservations and felt that I spoke spiritually with P. (F.M.'s wife) to the point that I do not have any guilt feelings whatsoever.

I'll let you in on a secret. During the day I felt as though my heart was presented with a rose that was about to bloom. This rose was from my wife as it began blooming and petals began falling, my grief was falling with each petal. What is left is a beautiful red rose burning inside my heart that is a token of my wife's love. Because of this Seminar I now have the strength to face each day alive and well. Sure, there may very well be more tears but they will be cleansing tears of happiness for the fifty years my wife and I shared together.

This relief I feel could not have blossomed this quickly without this Seminar.

Respectfully yours,



Thank you F.M. for your beautiful letter. We hope that your life continues to bring healing and an abiding, positive connection with the memory of those you have lost.


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