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Posted By Opening the Heart

Having just returned from our August Opening the Heart Workshop at Kripalu i am reminded again of the way the workshop provides the safety for participants to unmask their true colors.

 True Colors

I believe the colors we bring into the world get blurred and covered over because of the hurts, critical messages, verbal and physical abuse that we suffer along the road. We hide the colorful and vibrant nature of our authentic being beneath a veil of self protection that sometimes grows so opaque that we cannot even see out clearly. We project a blurred image of "different from me" onto the person standing across from us at the cash register. But when we remove our veil of protection all we experience is connection and compassion for someone who likely has also been carrying a burden.

It is possible to learn to emerge from behind the veil when given the safety of a structured workshop run by a skilled staff of therapists and healers. At last Sunday's closing a grateful participant acknowledged that she would never have believed how strangers turned into friends over the course of one weekend.