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Posted By Opening the Heart

Negativity Bug

With everything that's going on in the country and the world right now its difficult to avoid being infected by the Negativity Bug. I'm noticing how critical and judgemental I have become as I watch the ongoing disintegration of political life, and the apparent inability of people to come together in positive and constructive ways to deal with the challenges of the global economy. I'm also noticing how 'the Bug' pushes me toward a state of depression - a state of giving up on life.

I'm wondering if readers of this blog are experiencing the same.

As a group we have the wisdom to find ways of stamping out the infestation, so I'm inviting ALL of you to share YOUR way of coraling the Negativity Bug - YOUR way of staying positive under challenging circumstances.Share your ideas, techniques, and strategies for keeping 'the Bug" at bay. You can add your contirbution in the Comments section below.

(The inspriation for my illustration of the Negativity Bug comes from the incredibly talented graphic designer / illustrator Stephan Bucher. You can read about his work here.)


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