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Posted By Opening the Heart

Yes, we are delighted at the response to the offer of the Opening the Heart Workshop™ Training Group at Omega (Monday 4th - Friday 8th August 2008). We are looking forward to greeting trainees in just two weeks time.

If you have been checking out our website and blog  wondering whether to sign up there are still a few places left - but I urge you to not delay.


I am just back from a day of planning at Jon Berenson's lovely house on the water in Westport MA  - see below -  (well not a whole day of planning - we built in plenty of r and r ) and we are feeling good about presenting the first OTH Training in quite a few years.


Westport garden

Those of you who have registered should be receiving a notification from Omega very soon asking you to select a piece of inspirational writing and/or a piece of inspirational music to bring with you to the training. You will have an opportunity of sharing your selections with us during one of the sessions.

Posted By Opening the Heart

Staying present in the moment is a challenge.

A bird flitted across my path this morning as I walked around Walden Pond near my home in Massachusetts.  It took maybe a second to startle, pass right in front of me and disappear into the woods. I was immediately totally present. As i walked on I tried to maintain that moment's wakefulness and awareness but in the very trying my mind had already seized on the event and begun to extract its meaning. I thought of how many moments like that make up a day and how many moments are missed as the mind churns its apparently endless stories.

Its hard enough to remain present in the moment, even in the peace and quiet of the early morning woods. Our minds are still there hitching a ride, chattering away and stealing our attention. But we make it even more difficultr for ourselves. A minute or two later I passed a guy taking his morning walk with his IPod buds firmly in his ears.  How much harder is it to be in the moment in the peaceful woods while listening to  a play list?


I love using my IPod but if I couple that activity with another one - even one as beautiful as walking in nature, I find it impossible to stay present to what I am listening to. For me, multitasking is not conducive to being in the moment.

Just then I passed the site of Thoreau's cabin where he wrote Walden Pond.

His mantra: "Simplify, Simplify, Simplify" seemed particularly fitting.