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Posted By Opening the Heart


Royal Albert


As an Englishman, I have a paticular fondness for the Royal Albert Hall. As far as I am concerned, it is one of the finest places in the world for listening to music.


Albert Hall Interior


I can brag that I saw The Who and Chuck Berry play live on the same bill there on July 5th 1969 right after watching The Rolling Stones play a free concert in Hyde Park.

Last year the amazing Joe Bonamassa played his debut concert at this magnificent venue and one of the highlights was a version of the blues standard Further On Up The Road with guest artist Eric Clapton. Listen to it here - and then I have a few more thoughts.



What an amazing pairing of talents! The passionate intensity of the younger Bonamassa's playing and singing contrasted with the skillful effortlessness of the older, wiser Clapton. The concluding guitar duet gives me goosebumps. It has to be one of the most inspiring conjunctions of unrestrained youthful power and cool, polished experience ever recorded. Clapton clearly loves playing alogside Bonamassa - his sardonic smile seems to say - yeah, I've been there. And Bonamassa clearly idolizes Clapton. Together they're like the ideal father - son combo.

And the song: Further On Up The Road speaks to me of Karma - the idea that the unskillful, hurtful things we do will inevitably come back to bite our heels at some point.

So - nostalgia for "The Royal Albert", passion and experience from Joe and Eric, and a spiritual reminder all in one delicious package. Can you tell that I really enjoyed this video?

PS I'm going to see Joe Bonamassa live in Worcester, Massachusetts next month.

Til next time,



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