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Posted By Opening the Heart

Its time to re-visit a comment that I posted on the Lead Change Group Website a couple of years ago because the point I was making then is still very relevant today.

Here is the comment and a replyEmotional Intelligence
OTH - Confidentiality - Safety

The exchange above demonstrates why it is important that tried and tested workshops like OTH continue to provide safe and confidential situations where individuals can risk exploring their emotions. Most participants at OTH arrive as individuals or related couples with the security of knowing that they will not be under the watchful eyes of their daytime colleagues as they work through experiential exercises.

Business Owners and Managers Take Note

The emotional intelligence of your employees is an important factor in creating a happy and productive workforce. Wouldn't it be a better investment to encourage and support employes in attending well established workshops like OTH?

What do you think?

As and employee or employer, what experiences have you had of trying Emotional Intelligence Workshops in the workplace? Join the discussion. Your comments are very welcome.

With love and respect,


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