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Turning Leaves


As we enter Fall in New England there are going to be many visually stunning scenes to enjoy in nature. But in these days of ubiquitous cell-phone cameras I become dismayed that it seems the majority of 'leaf-peepers' automatically reach for their cell phones to 'capture the moment.'

I was impressed at a recent concert I attended that the show began with a statement from each band member requesting that the audience "use their eyes as the camera and their ears as the recording device." The band (King Crimson) knew full well that no recording on a cell phone could possibly capture the sounds they were playing and that no 'snap' or cell phone video could fully encompass the experience of actually being present.

Presence - being fully aware in this very moment - actually nourishes us. In fact it can literally build and heal the neuronal network of our brains. Being in nature during a New England fall is a wonderful chance to experience presence. In brief, the simple practice involves a) being alert for when a pleasing vista unfolds before us, b) pausing in our often relentless urge to move on to the next thing, c) setting aside, as best we can, potenetial distractions, and, d) opening all our senses to imbibe the beauty of what lies before us - as if you were slowly sipping a delicious drink through a straw.

A more comprehensive description can be found in Dr Rick Hanson's teachings on "Taking in the Good".  The practice can be extended to 'taking in the good' of any positive event that happens in your life, but the opportunity offered by fall colors can be a great starting point.


Is the opportunity to re-charge your life at the OPENING THE HEART WORKSHOP at Omega Institute in Rhinebech NY.

The OTH Faculty

We will be there on Columbus Day Weekend October 10 - 12. The faculty and the rest of our staff look forward to welcoming you.

If you are not already familiar with our work you can read all about what we do at The Opening the Heart Workshop website.


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