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Posted By Opening the Heart

The Entangled Heart

The prospect of untangling the web and releasing the heart can be a scary one. The tangled threads may constrict and bind, but they can also act as a safety net. Because the tangle is self-created it provides the illusion of control. The fear is that, when it is removed, the unpredictable heart will be exposed and at risk of some threat.

The Opening the Heart Workshop continues to provide a safe place to experiment with untangling some of the threads and experience the joys of a heart realeased and taking flight.

Come join us this summer, August 1-3 2014 at Kripalu

1 Comment(s):
David said...
Oh how i wish we could go back to the days of OTH at Springhill.I am 57 now,i was in my 25-30 then.Tom Hermon days.I miss it there so.
May 28, 2014 04:53:47
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