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  Two weeks ago I received the author's copy of my first published book. I had been working on it for so long, making so many proofreading corrections, consultations, and reworks. After all the doubts and excitement- to finally have it in my hands was just awesome.

   I say in the Introduction, that I did not write it for praise, recognition or immortality. People's continued ability to awe me through their courage and efforts to heal and redeem their lives, whether in my office or at the Opening the Heart Workshop - this is what gratifies my life and work. I feel priveleged to witness this redemptive process over and over again. Evidence of impact: seeing people's faces at the workshop on Sunday morning or seeing kindness and compassion replace cynicism and self judgment. This is why I wrote this book. I am hoping that it impacts you if you should come to read it.

   We will be doing the workshop again the last weekend in July at Kripalu. Come and join us.


   With Respect and Love, Jon

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