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   So I thought I would just share, briefly, how the war is going. That would be the war to have me enter the 21st century with some dignity. The short answer is: could be better. When I first bought a Mac and had my first year of 1:1 classes, I'm guessing I was closer to 1987 than the late 60's where I started, and I renewed my lessons for another year. Here's the thing, though: I never got it before that the 21st century is also moving ahead and, unfortunately, faster than me. Here's what I mean.

   I have an old Verizon flip phone. So I had this panic that if I ever wash my phone in the washing machine or even just lose it, I was not going to be able to replace it because they're not made anymore!... "What you need young man is this phone with 64 giggle bites of expandable memory and an 8 megapixel remote camera and a touch screen GPS". As my eyes glazed over, I decided it would just be easier to keep my phone away from the washing machine.

   Here's a second example of how I think, even while I'm moving ahead, I'm getting behind. One night at home I decided to watch the movie "Babel" with Brad Pitt. It tells four distinctly different stories in four different countries and then begins to weave the stories together into a coherent tale. Because the settings were in Morocco, Tokyo, Mexico and the U.S., three quarters of the dialogue was unintelligible to me. There were no subtitles and so I was very confused in trying to follow any kind of story line.

   Then I realized that the language mix-up was exactly the point: that one could still make sense of the plot even when the languages were so confusing. The point of the biblical story of Babel was that God confounded the language because of man's pride.

   So I settled in to make sense of what was happening even without being able to follow one language through the plot. Until... my son came into the room, looked at the movie, looked at me and said "Dad, what are you doing?" I explained to him my perceptive insight. He shrugged and, as he left the room, he said "If you decide you want subtitles, all you do is press 'menu' and click 'option A'....

   Maybe I was just meant to stay in the late 60's all along.

    With Love and Respect, Jon


1 Comment(s):
Peter said...
Jon, this is a sweet confession - but I need to remind you that no one in the 60s, 70's or even the 80's was maintaining a blog as fascinating as this. Keep up the great work!
March 21, 2013 05:57:45
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