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Posted By Opening the Heart

This was a bumper sticker I saw this morning on a car parked at Wellesley College where I was taking a morning walk. It set me thinking.

There ARE good men. I know many of them personally and meet more every time we hold a workshop. Men who come to the Opening the Heart Workshop are committed to doing the deep emotional healing that reveals their innate goodness.

So - to those who are interested in meeting "good men" - come and participate in a workshop where they can be found.

And can disprove the implication of the bumber sticker by showing up and

"doing your work."

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Steph said...
I have this sticker on my bumper, it's something that I think should be taken tongue in cheek and has gotten me plenty of comments of both men and women alike. I find the older males generally take it with a pinch of salt and find it amusing... The younger ones take offence. Maybe it's a generation thing? But all women have found the funny side.
February 26, 2013 02:17:29
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