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Heart's Ease


A gardener went into her garden and found many dead or dying plants. She inquired of the plants why this was so, and discovered that the marigold was dying because it could not be tall and large like the sunflower. The lily was sickening because it could not grow thorns like the rose. The daisy was wilting because it could not smell as sweet as the freesia. In the whole garden the only plant that was flourishing was Heart's Ease.

Upon inquiry as to why this was so Heart's Ease replied, "I knew that when you planted me you wanted Heart's Ease in this part of the garden. If you had wanted a different plant you would have planted it instead of me. Given this insight, I determined to be the "essence" of Heart's Ease and to give myself fully to that purpose." 

Think of the respect that existance has given you. YOU are needed, not someone or something else. So, maybe take a shot at coming into full flower as yourself - with all of your beauty and possibility. Our culture makes a big deal of role models. The drawback is that many of us spend energy trying to emulate those whose achievements stem from a vastly different set of potentials. Think of all the young women who fall into deep depression trying to emulate the images of female beauty that are promulgated by the media. The same energy wasted in pursuit of the impossible could be redirected to the discovery of our own individual potential, our own purpose, our singular contribution.

Of course, following this route means overcoming the persistant belief that "I'm not good enough" and developing a deep trust in our own worth. There are many paths that can help develop the tools to overcome negative self worth and replace it with healthier positive understanding. The Opening the Heart Workshop has been key for my own personal development in this direction. I hope that you will come and check us out at one of our upcoming presentations.


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