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Posted By Opening the Heart

Linda remembers this poem that she wrote at Spring Hill soon after discovering the Opening the Heart Workshop. Spring Hill in Ashby, Massachusetts was the original home of the workshop. For many years the names "Opening the Heart Workshop" and "Spring Hill" were virtually synonymous. Here is ther view she was looking at all those years ago.

Hawk ant Spring Hill

My Heart Was Born Here.

My heart was born here
in these blue-green hills.
I came to life
in these blue-green hills .
One fine day,
the sun rising in the East,
a hawk flying above the trees -
and every pair of eyes
really seeing me.
My heart was born here
in the rhythm of a chant,
the open moment of a dance...
and every time that I reached out
and took a chance.
Now you don't look so big,
and I don't feel so small.
You look like you love me
and that is all
I've wanted
my whole life through.
But why look to you?
I'll look inside my heart
which was born here
in these blue-green hills.


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