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Posted By Opening the Heart

As mentioned in a recent post, I have been reading Rick Hanson's 'Buddha's Brain,' and was reminded of a teaching that Osho gave over twenty years ago.


"Archimedes used to say, 'If I can find a silent still point in the universe, I can revolutionize the whole world.' But he never found it because he was always looking outside. And that silent still point is within you; it has never moved. The earth moves, the sun moves, the stars move, now everything is whirling; but something within you is always absolutely still, and eternally still.

"But to see it, to feel it, you have to get rid of your thoughts. If you don't get rid of your thoughts, those thoughts will not allow you to see yourself. They keep you engaged, occupied. And it is easy to disperse them. Just try the simple thing that I am insisting on continually: do whatever you are doing, just go on watching your thoughts. If you miss, no harm; whenever you remember again, start watching. You will miss many times. Slowly, slowly you will miss less. Soon there will be big gaps when you will be aware and there will be no thoughts. In those gaps you will see the silent, still point; and certainly if you have found it, you can revolutionize the whole world.

"The people who have brought evolution to the world are those few people who have found their center. They are the people who have changed humanity for better, and they are needed now more than ever....."


What Osho speaks about here is the essence of the practice of mindfulness and of presence. I have no doubts that the greater the number of individuals who aspire to follow this teaching, the greater the chance of positive change in this troubled world.


From Opening the Heart Workshop we wish all of our readers a safe, happy holiday season and a Mindful New Year


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Ruby Starheart said...
In today's demanding and busy world the biggest challenge to seeking mindfullness is making the time to stop! I often find that it is my intent to stop and look within and then realise (hours later) that distraction after distraction has got in the way and I still haven't 'stopped'. Yet the rewards of taking this time far outway the continuing and illusory busyness of my life. Thanks for the post Blessings Ruby
December 26, 2011 06:56:27
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