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Its just two weeks until our June 17 - 19 Opening the Heart Workshop at Kripalu and we are very pleased and excited to be meeting many new friends as well as having the opportunity of spending the weekend in each others' company.

You may not know that Donna, Linda, Jon and I all live in different states - Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Each of us leads a busy professional and family life and the opportunity to nourish our over 20 year long relationship occurs mainly within the context of the precious weekends when Opening the Heart is presented.

We come from culturally diverse backgrounds and continue to follow our individual life-paths but at each, eagerly anticipated workshop we love the process of reconnecting to share the stories of our individual ups and downs and to co-create a fresh experience for the participants.

This December will see the 35th anniversary of the very first Opening the Heart Workshop at Spring Hill in Ashby, Massachusetts. (You can check out that story here.)The workshop has changed in many ways over the intervening years as newly effective methods of pshyce-, soul-, and sprit-healing have evolved and as new circumstances and locations have prompted adaptation and renewal. But at its core, the workshop's mission remains the same: to provide a safe space where, aided by skillful healers, participants can experience exercises and interactions that facilitate access to buried feelings, work through blocked emotions, disentangle from the past, reconnect with core truths, and learn to live more fully from the heart.

If you haven't experienced one of these transformative weekends (or if its been a while since you last participated) we encourage you to come and share one with us. Here is a link to the registration page for our June 17 - 19 Opening the Heart Workshop at Kripalu

Love and Best Wishes to all



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