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Posted By Opening the Heart

A recent workshop participant describes her experience of the Opening the Hear Workshop™ on her blog: Viola Speaks. I invite you to read her courageous and forthright posting.  Although her experience is personal and individual, I recognize her initial reservations and her ultimate realizations as things she shares with many participants who come to Opening the Heart carrying a heavy burden of tragedy.

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Leah said...
Thanks for posting Peter! Have to say, my key insight coming out of the workshop--learning to live with and through my pain (which isn't going anywhere) while separating it from 'suffering'--is still with me and I'm finding extraordinarily useful in my life. I also found the whole insight of really learning to 'feel' one's feelings in one's body helpful too. It's been a long journey, and this experience really spoke to me where I am now, but I think it would speak to anyone, wherever they are on their journey, if they come into it with an open mind. Keep doing the amazing work you all do. Leah (aka, "Viola")
November 20, 2010 12:58:58
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