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Posted By Opening the Heart

Yesterday I took my car in for service. No big deal. Just a regular part of normal routine. The current disaster in the Gulf didn't even cross my mind.

Walking home in the rain I passed these beautiful lillies.

Lillies in the Rain
I immediately wanted to write a haiku.

Hurrying indoors I found the TV on, showing awful pictures of birds fouled by oil.

A haiku emerged, and even though it wasn't about the beautiful rain-jewelled flowers, they were certainly responsible for reminding me of the power of the elegant 17 syllable haiku form.

Here's what came out.


Far off in the Gulf

Pelicans perish in oil

While I have mine changed


Its a sobering thought that - even as the search for someone to blame continues - our dependance on oil  makes us all , to some degree responsible.

1 Comment(s):
Lisa said...
Absolutely brilliant in its simplicity, your haiku is gorgeous and sad. Thank you for sharing.
June 27, 2010 09:21:20
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