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Posted By Opening the Heart

Goodbyes are hard for you.
I see it in the soft truth of your eyes.
Strong body, full of grace
I offer this:

I will love you down to the bone
Through the dizziness of comings,
the heartbreak of going,
the midnight thief of sleep
whose name is "what if."

I will spread my finest coat
over broken shards of disappointment
to soften the crossing on your capable feet
through the land of losing, if you will let me.
Would give you my bread in the camps
had that been our fate in this lifetime.
I would.

I laugh at myself
amusing my ancestors
how my body remembers
jaw, teeth and claw, "it's not nice"
this tearing of flesh and I think,
"God help the person who dares to mess
with you, and with yours."
Peace lover?  Yes. Push over?  No.

Such is the nature of my loving
I would lay down my life for you.
Unmoving against the tides of time,
ebbing and flowing all over the place
sweeping us, and all that matters,
out to sea.

This random raking with hungry hands
our holy gatherings
leaves us gutted and flattened.
Kabir says, "the cup must be emptied
before it can be filled," and I say,
“empty, I stand before you.”

We are skin, bone and pulse
Dancing bravely with Mortality,
our death dates etched on smooth,
unsuspecting foreheads
teaching leaping aliveness,
recklessly spending

the currency of love.

You know those rivers running wild
under absolutely everything?
Gorgeous red blood coursing through our veins?
What separation possibly survives
This Spring, greening, Divine jungle?
When you are cut, I bleed.

You should know
though I may never speak of it,
My definition of "friend."
Tuck it, if you want
in your pocket or

wrap it in your heart cloth.
May it keep you good company.

Donna Macomber

March 27, 2010

1 Comment(s):
Louise said...
Donna, Donna, dear kindred spirit once again I am brought to tears. Friendship is a word I have spending alot of time with lately. Your words are magnificent and I feel them deeply. With love, your friend Louise
April 2, 2010 11:22:31
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