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Here is an article witten by our dear friend and colleague, Louise Kenney. As well a single handedly organizing our annual Opening the Heart to Grief™ Workshops at Avow Hospice, Louise is a gifted healer who resides in the area of Naples FL and remains available as a wise, loving councellor to all workshop alumni.





Meditation may be understood as a vehicle to carry our attention into the restorative, transformative, stable and infinite realm of the heart/self. It is within this realm that we may be touched by grace and have the opportunity to surrender to the arms of divine compassion and divine Love.  While our minds and our egos are necessary for us to function in everyday life, the realm of the awakening heart is also vital to our ability to evolve along a natural progression toward our highest good.   

     It is often through adversity that we are brought to the depths of our heart. A journey through grief is precisely one of those times in our lives. Grief brings us to our depths.  Incorporating meditation reminds us that these depths are the place we must go to heal, restore and recover, as opposed to a place to be avoided and afraid of. Some individuals who have chosen to meditate regularly as a form of spiritual practice have spoken of discovering a transformative process in which they experience a dissolution of “self”, an unmasking, a revelatory understanding which extends beyond duality.

     Grief may also “unmask” an individual, and sometimes propel her, without warning or preparation, into an unfamiliar land deep within the heart. This suddenness may cause the mind to reel and spin frantically looking for something  external or internal to hold on to. But what the mind has grown used to grabbing on to has been shattered when the loss occurred.  Participating in gentle guided meditation may aid in reminding the “mind” that the depths. while scary, are safe and vital to healing, integration and the ability to fully live through what is unimaginable. It is precisely within these depths that one can find and hold fast to the most stabilizing force in the universe, LOVE.  When our mind finds itself anchored in the depths of this Love, it is less afraid, less frantic and more able to trust nature's transforming journey through life and ultimately through death.

Louise Kenny, LCSW



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