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Posted By Opening the Heart

I had tears today as I watched the TV coverage about the death of Senator Ted Kennedy. I had never met him face to face but, being a long time resident of Massachusetts, I always had a sense of proximity - of him just 'being there.' I felt a surpizingly deep sense of loss. 

I was a young student at college in London when JFK was shot. I was just a couple of years into my first teaching career when RFK was assassinated. The years since I came to the States have been punctuated with Kennedy family trajedies, achievements, scandals, successes and failures but Teddy was always there - the ultimate survivor and wonder-worker. Now, in one month, both the matriarch and the patriarch of this extraordinary family have died leaving a resounding vacancy.

Like colorful characters appearing in the early chapters of a novel the Kennedy brothers came to be an enduring and welcome presence in my life story. Now the death of the last brother makes me sad, but also inspires the question: how many more chapters do I have and how will I choose to use the time that is left to me?

Opening the Heart Workshop™ staff send condolences to the Kennedy family and wish them great love as they grieve ther loss.

May all beings be at peace.


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