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I'm sitting in Starbucks on Charles Street in Boston between some medical appointments at Mass General Hospital. Its been four days since I returned home from the OTH Training and Workshop at Omega. Linda, Jon, Donna and I feel good about both events. We are grateful for the positive and helpful feedback we received from participants. (If you didn't get to fill in a feedback form please feel free to either send an e-mail to or post comments below.)

We are interested in hearing of changes in your lives that were initiated by participation in the workshop and you are welcome to keep us updated by e-mail at the above address. We will not make any updates public without your permission and complete agreement.

As we do not advertise our workshops other than through the website and the Omega and Kripalu brochures, we are completely dependent on participants spreading the word by personal recommendation. Our next workshop in the New England area is at Kripalu on the weekend of November 21 - 23.


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