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As some of you may have intuited from my Loving Kindness blog entry of June 10th,  I am currently awakening to the presence of cancerous cells in my prostate. As part of my own care and as a way to process some of he feeling states that  will inevitably arise i have decided that i need to write about this experience. However - this blog is not the place for that. Instead I have created a separate blog called Dancing with Prostate Cancer.


I don't warm to the term "fighting cancer" - it seems too aggressive to me. I prefer the analogy of 'dancing' and here's why. In ballroom dancing either partner can be taking the lead, shaping the course of the dance, but in the end neither partner is in complete control. Each one is to a great extent dependant on the cooperation of the other. There is give and take, movement and response, action and reaction. i expect that to be the way with this particular cancer.


Pushing the analogy further - there are forms of dancing which involve many partners. My support network will be my other partners in this dance. Of course there will be my close group of family and friends, but there will also be my adjunct network of healing arts professionals - acupuncturist, chiropractor, herbalist etc. Other partners in the dance will be the huge amount of information and study to be gleaned from all kinds of sources, and the many healing practices (meditation, tai chi, visualization, nutrition etc) to which I have access.


One more connection with dance. At the end of The Opening the Heart Workshop™
Linda teaches the Action Step process. Each conscious step is designed to move you forward in the dance of life.  i now have the opportunity of crafting some steps of my own in Dancing with Prostate Cancer



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