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Many participants coming to the Opening the Heart Workshop™ ask the question:

'What was the music you were playing when we were coming in?'

More often than not it was a recording by Deva Premal.


Deva Premal's music creates an open hearted space that feels completely safe, warm, inviting and deep. Her interpretations of ancient Hindu chants are respectful of tradition while being very accessible to the modern ear.


In the first video Deva Premal talks about and sings the Gyatri Mantra in an intimate, informal setting with a group of teenage students. She shares some of her own story and the particular significance that the Gyatri Manta has played in her life. The audio quality of the recording is not that great at the beginning but inproves when the chant begins. I love experiencing the connection that Premal engenders with this group of young people.


The second video is of the Gyatri Mantra performed in a more formal setting with a larger audience.


Enjoy these videos and check out Deva Premal's website for more information. 

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