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Posted By Opening the Heart

We are delighted to be presenting a five day training in the skills and therapeutic interventions used in the workshop. 


The workshop runs from August 3rd - 8th at the beautiful Omega Institute campus in Rhinebeck NY


This 5-day training is for anyone-professionals and laypeople alike-who feels moved to live in this world with an open heart. It is an experiential orientation toward a spiritual path of heart.

We learn to incorporate the wisdom, philosophy, and skills of the Opening the Heart Workshop™ approach into our professional and personal lives. We practice:

  • Creating a safe environment for deep inner work
  • Group energy management
  • Effective intervention techniques from a range of current therapeutic practices
  • Using music, movement, spoken word, and an aesthetically pleasing environment to encourage
  • open-hearted receptivity
  • Leading healing circles
  • Responding spontaneously as a leader
  • How to incorporate these skills into professional and personal situations

Following the training, those in private practice in the helping professions may apply to have their name added to a list of referrals made available to participants at the Opening the Heart Workshop.

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize behavioral patterns contributing to stress symptomatology;
  • Identify behavioral signs of emotional and spiritual distress;
  • Implement specific therapeutic strategies for reducing behavioral symptoms of stress;
  • Understand the inherent relationship and balance between physical, emotional and spiritual well-being;
  • Describe key elements contributing to the maintenance of emotional and spiritual health;
  • Define and implement strategies to create safety and trust in a group therapeutic environment;
  • Recognize appropriate therapeutic interventions in a group setting.
Posted By Opening the Heart

It is ironic that the launching entry of this new blog should be about loss.

Neil Friedman, one of the mvp contributors to the ongoing life of The Opening the Heart Workshop, died of heart disease just over a month ago. Also ironic is that that someone who's whole working life had been dedicated to helping others  open their hearts should have struggled so long and bravely with this particular illness.

    Neil grew up in Philadelphia and New York and studied at Brandeis and Harvard. During the turbulent sixties he was in the South working with the Freedom Riders registering black voters. He came to Spring Hill, the original hime of The Opening the Heart Workshop in 1982. In the introduction to his book 'A Rememberance', Neil writes:

Neil Friedman

(Photo by Joan Klagsbrun)

'Spring Hill and Opening The Heart are the finest experiences of my life. I came into them in 1982 at an ebb tide in the ocean of my existence, became a staff member and then co-director and stayed connected until Spring Hill was sold seventeen years later. I learned how to love at Spring Hill.'


Neil was a true 'man of heart'. In addition to being a brilliant psychotherapist and workshop leader he was a prolific author, a leader of the Focusing community, a devoted father, a loyal friend and a fiercely committed sports fan. He amazed his doctors by the determination with which he faced his long illness but those of us who were his friends would have expected no less from one with such a love of life. Dear Neil :

May the long time sun shine upon you

All love surround you

And the true light within you

Guide you way home.