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Posted By Opening the Heart

We are past the Solstice and in just a couple of days it will be 2012.

As we get to this time of year I am reminded of a thought that used to occur to me when I was a teenager. It went something like "Wow, in 2000 I'll be 56 years old. That is so old." Well here we are 12 years beyond that - and I'll leave it to the mathematically inclined to work out my current age.

A couple of postings ago I was writing about "taking in the good" - taking time to be in the present moment for the good things in life. it's the beautiful practice of just stopping, breathing in, and really noticing our inner response to whatever we find beautiful or whatever moves us. For me I find that such moments easily turn into Haiku moments. Not that I spend time then and there thinking about a Haiku - that would definitely interrupt being completely present in the moment - but later, as I revisit one of those instants in my mind. William Wordsworth spoke of this process as "emotion recollected in tranquillity."

Here are a couple of Haiku from the last few days.


Gilded Tree


december's dawn light

winter branches gilded with



through frozen branches

scurrying wisps of gray cloud

but only one sky


Have a blessed happy and prosperous New Year.



small peter