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Posted By Opening the Heart

Wellesley Winter Trees

My own daily practice is Taking in the Good as detailed in an earlier posting to this blog.

The practice is a wonderful way of feeding the soul, and it can be done pretty much anywhere at any time.

I am very fortunate - and grateful - to live in beautiful surroundings, so my regular practice of Taking in the Good often happens on my daily walk. The photograph above was taken this morning on the grounds of Wellesley College. Before taking the picture, I simply stood for a minute or two, breathed in the scene in front of me, and just noticed how it affected "my insides." While doing so, I held the intention of staying focused on the inner felt-sense prompted by the scene.

The practice is so simple - and so effective. The "scene" doesn't need to be a scene! Taking in the Good can take place in response to the aroma of coffee in a coffee shop, the sound of happy children in a playground, the feel of a warm winter sun on your face. Anything that you respond to positively can be the stimulous. The important part is actually noticing the positive event, recognizing it as positive, taking the few moments needed to 'breathe it in', and then inhabiting your inner response.

We would love to hear your stories of how you Take in the Good. Maybe you have suggestions that others have not yet explored.

Posted By Opening the Heart

Ah Yes Om


Sophie Glikson, one of our gifted Opening the Heart Workshop therapists, is also a talented artist.  Here we feature two of her recent works. Above is a tryptic - Ahh....Yes....Om..

Below is a detail from the work Precious Soul Center:

Precious Soul Center

Sophie joined the leadership team for our recent Opening the Heart Workshops at Kripalu in Massachusetts and at Avow Hospice in Naples FL. I know that the participants at thosewho worked with Sophie at those workshops will enjoy seeing another facet of her creativity.

Sophie practices Psychotherapy and Creative Medicine in Medford MA and is also an Expressive Therapies Clinical Instructor at Lesley University in Cambridge MA. She can be reached at