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At Kripalu last weekend, the OTH Workshop took place against the background of the horrific events that occurred in Newtown CT last Friday morning. I have spent the week being physically affected by the waves of anger, sorrow, tension and despair that have dogged my steps as I prepare for the holiday season. I have signed petitions, written letters to congress, and urged friends to become active in a movement to change the status quo about gun control and about the way we fail our young people by providing a culture that promotes violence, confrontation and acting-out instead of one that promotes loving-kindness, mindfulness and peace.

A link on my Facebook news-feed this morning brought me to this:

"Something is rotten in the United States when half of its political leaders have any reservations at all about a complete ban on assault weapons. I find it hard to imagine how they can live with themselves. Then the obvious jumps out at me: THEY DON’T LIVE WITH THEMSELVES."

The quote is from a blog by old friend and fellow teacher Alan Lowen, with whose Art of Being organization the OTH Workshop shares many common values. Alan continues:

"If you are heart-and-soul-connected with yourself, you care about other people’s hearts and souls. This is where the intention comes from and it cannot be subverted. It is not subject to manipulation by corporate lobbies, by money or political conniving and power-mongering. It is the rational and heartfelt position of anybody who is fully in touch with their whole being.."

I couldn't agree more and I urge you to read the whole article - in which Alan describes his own journey - from a heart closed in order to survive childhood trauma to "finding the courage to feel again."

We at Opening the Heart ask that you take a long look at where you stand and see if there is a way for you to actively contiribute to solutions.

Wishing you a peaceful, open-hearted holiday season.