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Posted By Opening the Heart

Our next Opening the Heart Worshop begins in just four days. If you have been stalking this blog, or our website, our Facebook page or our Tweets, and have entertained the thought that this work could be of benefit to you at this time -  now is the moment to take the leap.

We fully acknowledge that the toughest part of this workshop is 'getting there'. You have to face fear of the unknown, you have to devote precious resources of time and money, you might have to ask others to 'cover' for you while you take a weekend away. All I can tell you is that, once these things are done and you are 'on board', everything is a bonus. We have yet to meet a person who regretted their decision to attend.

You simply cannot match the experiential quality of this workshop in individual therapy, by reading self-help books or even in a weekly support group. The safe environment and structured flow of the exercises quickly build a unique community of trust in every group that comes together. You can be assured that you will be taken good care of as you relax into the process. At the same time, the revitalized connection with your core self that is engendered is a powerful engine of positive change. You will find yourself opening up as inevitably as a flower opens its petals  to the summer sun and rain.

I sincerely hope that you will join us this weekend. We look forward to welcoming you.