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Posted By Opening the Heart

Having survived a tumultuous April and early May involving two large scale performance productions it was clearly time to slow down and rest. However I've always had trouble sticking with such an obviously sensible strategy.

Today consisted of : a visit to the chiropractor, coffee - to speed me up - and a visit to my favorite local riverside bench - to slow me down. Instead of kicking back I take several photographs and post them - with deeply spiritual captions - to the Opening the Heart Twitter Feed - check it out!!!

Its only 10.00am - so back home to find my DSL service down again. I make lengthy phone calls to swich services and observe my inner calm disintegrate as I deal with the automatic call center menues.

Then its off to a chatty - no, garulous  - lunch with my teaching colleagues after which I get the idea that I should make preliminary inquiries at the car dealership about a new lease - (my old lease expires next month.)

Past experience has taught that car dealerships are not an easy place to maintian equanimity or to shower compassion. I surround myself with my numbness cloak and plunge in. Surprisingly, things turn out quite well. Although this was intended as a preliminary exploration of possibilities (to be followed, of course by hours of agonizing decisiion making) I am delighted to find myself, three hours later, driving away in a new vehicle with a lower down payment and a lower monthly than my previous lease. The process was painless and I really enjoyed a long, light hearted conversation with the finance guy.

Now I'm sitting down writing this at a furious pace as I try to finish before dinner time. Oh, yes - tonight I have to attend a rehearsal!

All these activities were accomplished in less than ten hours and were definitely very different from my daily routine over the last two months. Grandmother used to say 'a change is as good as a rest.' Today, at least, it seems to be true.


I'm looking forward to meeting some of you at Kripalu June 17 - 19