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Posted By Opening the Heart

"There is a prayer~poem  in the hollow reed of my throat. 
It resides there in my inside stem, the hearty, thriving one
under thin, translucent layers of Norwegian skin.

Reed and root connect here, a moist highway between pulsing
heart and fertile, whole grain dirt.

This poem,  made of flesh, promise, and luminescence,
rewrites itself as I live.  At the core, bone forms around keen observation.  I tell you, we are resilient!  Like yeasty loaves, apply the heat ~ we rise and we rise and we rise.

I have taken you in through my willing senses, the porous
portals of mouth, eyes, the dew-jeweled
entrance I sit on and hatch dreams.
I swallow the wind as she blows, giving me breath to hold
this note for a long, necessary time, or fuel a risky leap
off a cliff, into the moody map of mystery.  

I stretch out, ecstatic to land in this boat,
the hard, unyielding plastic holding me up,
setting my spine straight.  I give Gratitude her way with me,
let her wash over  bow,  body, and stern.  Watch
the leafy green sway of branches above, 
the flawless powder puff sky in water below.

Here's what I know. We cannot fall from grace.
Not really, except into one another. We wake in a new
paradigm, place or poem,  where we, in time,
learn marvelous navigation skills."
Donna Macomber
(excerpt from summer journal, 2011)