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Posted By Opening the Heart

Posted By Opening the Heart

OTH is happy to support the global initiative of Playing for Change. And, of course, the music they produce is consitently uplifting and inspirational.

And while I'm posting - a biug thank you to Jon for keeping things alive and kicking here at the OTH Blog.



Posted By Opening the Heart

The holidays are keeping me busier than ever - in a good way with family and friends. With no time to write I make no apology for posting another delicious and heart warming video from Playing For Change. If you are unfamiliar with their remarkable four year story and their su supportable mission you could take a moment to visit their website. Here is a totally uplifting live rendition of "One Love"


Posted By Opening the Heart

The Playing for Change Foundation released this new version of Imagine just yesterday.

Over the last 4 years Playing for Change has traversed the world with a mobile studio recording talented street musicians, local groups and instrumentalists. The recordings are edited into beautiful and moving compilations that completely embody the spirit behind John Lennon's wonderful song. I hope you enjoy it. The blog will return next week after we get back from this weekend's workshop.