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We work a lot with feelings at the Opening the Heart Workshop because many people are flummoxed by them.

Feelings can range in intensity from cataclysmic to dormant depending on all kinds of outer and inner conditions and circulmstances. Dealing with them (or the lack of them) requires insight and practice, particularly when we find that one emotion on the surface can often mask another one at a deeper level. Unexpressed feelings can be as problematic as undigested food, but our culture has created some barriers about "freedom of expression." This is precisely why OTH is a valuable resource as a place where emotions of every sort can be explored and safely expressed without criticism and negative judgement.

But what about when you are not at an OTH Workshop?

I was delighted to find this rather good "WikiHow" as I was exploring the web today. It offers an interesting technique for "taking your feeling temperature." The only thing I would add is a mantra that we use frequently at the workshop:

"""Feelings live in the Body, Not in the Head"""

So, when the WikiHow instructions ask you to 'Take a deep breath in, Hold, and as you do this, ask yourself "What am I feeling now?"  I would encourage you to notice what is happening in your belly, your chest and your throat.

Here's a helpful list of feelings you can use with the WikiHow

Hoping you will find these resources useful.

With Love and Respect,