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Posted By Opening the Heart

What better way to celebrate the true meaning of this day than with this lovely song from Miten and Deva Premal? If you are with your beloved on this day, maybe take a moment to pause, look deeply into each other's eyes and play this song. If, for what ever reason, your beloved is no longer with you, maybe close your eyes and, as you listen to the song, find the place of gratitude in your heart for all they brought you when you were together. As a man, I find the final verse incredibly powerful in that it reminds me that being a man requires being in touch with inner feminine qualities of receptivity and openness.

Have a blessed Valentines Day, and may you receive the depth love that is so beautifully expressed in this song.



Posted By Opening the Heart

Just back from our OTH Workshop at Kripalu. What an inspiring and courageous group!

At this darkest point of the year why not take ten minutes to sit in silence with this beautiful version of the concluding words of the Heart Sutra:

gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha.

(Gone, gone, gone beyond, gone altogether beyond, What an awakening, Hallelujah!)

The track is available on Deva Premal's 'Love is Space' CD (see link in the side bar)


Have a happy and rejuvenating Solstice!

Posted By Opening the Heart

If you are not already familiar with the music of Deva Premal you are in for a wonderful relaxing treat. We play her recordings a lot in The Opening the Heart Workshop because her chants create a healing ambience that supports the work of participants.

Donna, Linda, Jon and I are delighted to be attending her live concert at the Somerville Theatre when she visits New England this April. In the meantime here is a taster. I suggest taking a break from whatever you're doing, taking a few cleansing breaths, closing your eyes and sinking into the sounds. (The slide show of beautiful spring flowers looks good too at this time of year in the wintery north-east - even if the transitions are a little too fast) Relax and enjoy!


Yemaya Assessu - Deva Premal


Perhaps you'll be moved to participate in the upcoming Opening the Heart Workshop, this March 19 - 21 at Kripalu Insitute, Stockbridge, MA